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I can write. I can produce. Everything else I can do is up for debate.

2011 was a fulfilling year for me, health-wise. I never set New Year’s resolutions because people who do that usually give up on their resolution by the time Valentine’s Day hits. Regardless, as 2010 was coming to a close I set out to hit one major goal in 2011. I wanted to lose 25 pounds. Instead of waiting for January 2011 I decided to get started in November 2010. That way I figured I’d have a chance at accomplishing it since it wouldn’t come with the frivolity that accompanies a New Year’s resolution.

I weighed 187 pounds when I set the goal, and I hit 157 pounds in August 2011. I exceeded my set goal by losing an extra five pounds. I have maintained that weight since August, which is something I am quite proud of considering I weighed 300 pounds in December 2002. Those most recent 30 pounds were lost as a result of taking up running and eating healthier. I started running on November 12, 2010 and to the exact same date in 2011 I ran 621.6 miles, burned 78,533 calories, and went from XL shirts to M/L.

This is me with Edward James Olmos in August 2010 when I weighed 187 pounds.

This is me in September 2011, weighing 157 pounds.

With 2011 coming to a close I need a new goal. My 2011 goal accomplished a great appearance on the surface, so I figure I should accomplish a goal that focuses on my inside. I figure I need to do something to make me a well-rounded person.

Like I said, I can write (journalistically and creatively) and I can produce (for television, film, and online media), but other than that I am not confident in many other abilities.

I have surrounded myself with a lot of people who have skills that I don’t have, not necessarily so that I don’t have to learn, but rather because it’s easier to stay in a comfort zone with what you know. I think most people are afraid of the unknown, and it’s easier to stay in the routine of what you know you can accomplish.

With that said, in October 2011 I started compiling a list of activities I’ve never done before, which I could document in this blog. I set on trying 101 new things, because it’s a nice sounding number and no one could question that 101 new things in 2012 wouldn’t make me a more mentally well-rounded person. I haven’t compiled yet the 101 new things I will do because I imagine some random opportunities may pop up, which I will certainly take advantage of. So, if you have any suggestions please offer them up. I am pretty much up to try anything this year.

Some of the things I do have on the list are activities I’ve wanted to try. Other things are activities I should know how to do. The most fascinating things are activities that help me gain perspective of someone completely different than me. Some of these things will range from extreme to everyday activities, but all will be foreign to me.

The reason for sharing the experiences in a blog is because I also experimented with a blog concept in 2011, about various stories I have from working in show business. I deleted that blog, however, because it got me in some hot water. Some of the celebrities I wrote about having personal experiences with couldn’t handle the truth, and since I want to keep my career in show business I quit writing that blog. Frankly, I have always been surprised when people read the stuff I write. Sometimes I forget that the stuff I put out there isn’t just for me.

Since the weight loss of 2011 took place in a private manner, I figured this time around it could be fun to share the experience, so for some of these activities I will have friends by my side if it’s an experience they’ve also wanted to try.

I have aptly titled this endeavor The Discomfort Blog, because it’s hard to have a level of comfort when trying something new. Comfort is only acquired after repetition.

And so begins my quest to try 101 New Things in 2012…

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