#17 – Get Chiropractic Adjustment

Earlier this month I shared my experience about getting a massage for the first time. That was carefully planned out. I had the opportunity to prepare myself for any expected discomfort.

Last week, I got a chiropractic adjustment for the first time in my life, and I had absolutely no time to prepare for it. I only bring up the massage in the same breath, because both processes involved lying down on a table in a vulnerable position.

I have numerous employers, but my bosses at one place are by far the best. They hire a chiropractor to come to the office and give chiropractic adjustments to their employees. This employer shall remain nameless, because otherwise everyone will be asking me to get hooked up. That’s also why there will be no pictures accompanying this post, since you would easily be able to recognize the company.

Boss #1 was across the building getting her adjustment when Boss #2 approached me, asking if I wanted to get one too. Initially I declined. I’ve never actually believed that chiropractic adjustments worked. I thought it was kind of new age, and I’m more of a believer in scientific medicine, given that I’m a diabetic and that’s what keeps me alive.

A few minutes passed and Boss #2 got his adjustment, followed by two co-workers. Boss #2 came back to me and asked if I was sure that I didn’t want one. As he finished his inquiry I heard one female co-worker scream with pleasure at the end of her adjustment.

“OK, I have to try it now,” I told Boss #2. I’m not a masochist by any means, but there’s something enjoyable about a little bit of pain. That’s part of why I enjoy tattoos.

I walked up to the table and the Doctor told me to lie down on my back. He stood behind my head, lifted up my neck from the back and to the left and in a quick motion snapped it to the right. Holy crap that felt good. He then did the same motion from right to left.

From there he moved down to my lower body. He grabbed my right leg, bended it at the knee, put his body weight on my leg. He then moved me on my left side, and snapped back in the opposite direction. He followed with the same move on my opposite side. It felt like someone set off some firecrackers in my body.

Finally, he got behind my head again and told me to lock my hands behind my neck. He then had me sit up, and he leaned me up against his knees. He moved down my back, snapping it three different times, making me sound like a Rice Crispy Treat because I Snapped, Crackled, and Popped.

I got up off the table, and immediately felt a relief of pressure on my body. He told me I had way too much stress on my body for being such a young guy. That’s what I get for spending most of my day sitting with a computer on my lap.

The Doctor told me that the adjustment is only temporary and he gave me some pressure releasing exercises I could implement myself. I had trouble focusing on the complexities of what he was showing me, because I was too busy enjoying my relaxed state of mind.

I enjoyed the chiropractic adjustment more than the massage, mainly because of the time factor. I have a tight schedule and can’t fit in an hour massage on a regular basis. I understand that the practices are focusing on different components of the body, but a more relaxed state of being is the ultimate goal, and the one that takes completion quicker is the best one for me.

Five days later the chiropractor visited the office again, and Boss #2 didn’t have to ask me twice if I wanted another adjustment. I jumped right on the table to get a second helping of Rice Crispy Treats.

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3 thoughts on “#17 – Get Chiropractic Adjustment

  1. JeriWB says:

    I’ve always entertained the idea of getting an adjustment, but it always freaked me out moreso than the idea of a massage. Maybe now I’ll give it a try 😉

  2. I completely agree to the relevance of this article. It’s well written and self-descriptive. We go to a specialist for getting treated for something specific and end up visiting him more often for some other new ailments specially chiropractors are the famous for this treatment. Thanks for the valuable post hope to see the next update soon.

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