#21 – 6am Workout

I am not a morning person. Just ask anyone who has ever had to deal with me before 9am.

I am a workout fanatic, however, just as long as the workout doesn’t take place in the morning.

When I was devising new things to accomplish for this blog one of the ideas that popped into my head was to run a half marathon. I optioned against that, because I really don’t have a couple hours to spare in my day.

Given my hectic schedule I also haven’t been able to work out as often as I’d like, which has made me feel out of shape even though I’m only at 154 as opposed to the 150 I like to be at. I know I sound like a real bitch right now.

Normally I go running at night, and bust out 3-8 miles depending on how much time I have. Lately my only free time has been in the morning, and since I generally don’t sleep very well I noticed that I could move my regimen to the morning if I wasn’t like one of those Snickers commercials where the young man turns into Abe Vigoda or the young lady turns into Betty White.

On Sunday I found myself awake at 6am. And yes, I did find myself, because if you’ve ever been awake at 6am you feel like you are outside of your own body. Four years ago if I was awake at 6am it would’ve been because I was just about to go to sleep. Now it’s because I am contemplating a workout. That means I’m maturing, right?

So, I lied in bed and watched the clock on my phone reach 6:15am before I picked up my body, grabbed drink of water, and headed outside in the 48-degree weather.

I put my earphones in and turned on the latest episode of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast. The coldness was piercing, my hair was messy, the crust in my eyes was crispy, and my muscles were tight. Regardless, I started kicking my legs. I felt like a cartoon character running in place for the first few steps. I immediately regretted my decision to go for a run.

That's what "regret" looks like.

I very easily could’ve turned around and went back to bed. After all, the streets were empty, so there was no one around to witness my failure. That’s not what I did, however, as I continued to push through.

Eventually I got lost in the discussion between Marc Maron and David Cross, allowing me to forget that I was running in a pool of pain. For the first time in my life I understood why people go to comedy shows. Because I grew up in comedy, and spend so much time in it now I’ve never understood why people would pay to see a show, since it’s something I experience on a daily basis. I take its effects for granted. It felt nice being an audience member.

I was so lost that the only thing that reminded me I was running was the mile marker signifier app I use on my iPhone to keep track of my distance. When all was said and done I only knocked out 2.53 miles because I had other things to do and I didn’t want to put my body in too much shock.

I feel a bit ashamed for only running 2.53 miles, but I don't have morning legs yet.

It was really peaceful running so early in the morning. I didn’t have to dodge moving cars or deal with people walking their dogs, or old people walking side by side on the sidewalk toward me.

I thought maybe I was dying as I ran into the light.

I will definitely work morning runs into my regimen, and as time progresses I am sure my body will adjust to the early morning.

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2 thoughts on “#21 – 6am Workout

  1. You will adjust if you keep with it! I used to exercise in the evenings, but by going jogging first thing in the day I know I can check it off my list no matter what the day holds in store.

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