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#31 – Write End of Year Review

I could write a traditional end of the year blog, which states all my accomplishments from the past year while discussing what big things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Most writers do that and that’s not original. Plus, let’s be honest, we fuck up more than we succeed. So, below is a list of the things I am proud of and not so proud of from 2012.

I will mention, however, that I am extremely happy with where I am presently in my life. I certainly wasn’t in the same mind set last year at this time when I started this blog. My intention was to showcase my writing and creativity twice a week. I wanted to post every Monday and every Thursday. I borrowed that schedule from Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast schedule because just like Marc when he started his podcast, I was not in a good place. I couldn’t get any TV or journalism gigs and was seriously questioning what the fuck I was doing wrong after getting a quick start to my career from ages 18-24, and hitting a bit of a bump at age 25. Instead of moping around I took action. After just a couple of weeks into the new year, Men’s Fitness Magazine hired me, a comedian brought me in on a pitch at Comedy Central, and other opportunities kept piling in as I continued to post on here. I resolved that the more self-created work I put out there, the more others were willing to approach me with opportunities, because they saw I was hustling and wanted that same hustle on their team. So, Trevor and I created a sister site www.DispleasureVlog.com and a TV pilot with Bert McCracken. As a result of my busyness, this blog suffered and I was lucky if I could post once a month. I still intend to keep this thing alive, and even have plans to create another personal project that I am a bit frightened to take on in the new year.

So, if you’re in a shitty situation, my advice to you is to take action and quit bitchin. You have more control over your aspirations than you think.

In the meantime, here’s my 2012 Year in Review. First, the dumb shit I did:

Stupid Shit I Did in 2012

  • Jumped out of an airplane (I didn’t experience the rush everyone else feels, nor was I nervous, so the risk of death wasn’t worth it to me)
See how calm I look.

See how calm I look.

  • Drunkenly raw-dogged a chick (Don’t worry, ladies, I’m clean. I got checked. And don’t worry, Mom, I’m not a Father)
  • Ended a friendship with someone I produced two TV shows, and a short film with who was like an older Brother to me (Mostly his fault)
  • Lost a new friendship because of my ego, lack of communication and one drunken night (Mostly my fault)
  • Was difficult to work with on occasion (Many apologies to my producing partner Trevor)
  • Fell asleep in a Las Vegas strip club with a stripper on my lap (Being awake for 48 hours straight still was no excuse)
Went to Vegas a lot this year. I love it more with every trip.

Went to Vegas a lot this year. I love it more with every trip.

  • Went a 3 month stretch without visiting family in San Diego (That’s shameful given that I only live 1 hour 45 minutes away in Los Angeles)
Not sure why I spend so much time away from this in San Diego.

Not sure why I spend so much time away from this in San Diego.

  • Unintentionally chose work over a girl I was dating (Not the first time, and probably not the last time I’ll do that)
  • Had sex with a co-worker (Not the first time, and probably not the last time I’ll do that)

Things I’m Proud I Did in 2012

  • Jumped out of an airplane (Regardless that I didn’t feel a rush, its pretty damn cool to be able to say, “I jumped out of an airplane”)
  • Participated in a scientific experiment (My body is a freak of nature, so I’m glad I was able to help people with my shared chronic illness)
  • Trevor and I convinced Deadmau5 to shoot an impromptu video with us
  • Got a tattoo on my foot to honor my Grandpa (Don’t worry he’s still alive…as of this entry)
  • Got a job on America’s Got Talent (More than any other show I’ve worked on, this one has taught me many things, and it kept my streak alive of working on a TV show every single year I’ve been in LA)
This job has taught me so much I can't even begin to explain.

This job has taught me so much I can’t even begin to explain.

  • Gave up drinking alcohol and caffeine for the first 3 months of the year (I made up for it the following 9 months)
  • Shot a TV pilot with Bert McCracken, lead singer of The Used
  • Got my weight down to 149 pounds, the lowest in my adult life, officially losing half my body weight from its highest point at 300 pounds (I’m now probably around 160, because living at 149 just wasn’t healthy)
149 lbs looks good on me, but probably wasn't living too healthy to maintain it.

149 lbs looks good on me, but probably wasn’t living too healthy to maintain it.

  • Worked as a Writer for Men’s Fitness Magazine (What other job allows you to interview Lou Ferrigno one day and on the next day write about four different kinds of cheeses?)


  • Was a Guest Speaker at my Alma Mater (They molded my writing ability and I got to do the same for future writers)


  • Stopped dating a girl and actually remained friends (Never thought that was possible)
  • Pitched TV show ideas at 4 different networks, and 20 different production companies (For the first year in my career, I didn’t have to use a gimmick to bust through the front door)
  • Started this blog
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#29 – Create Sister Vlog

“Hey Josh, other than money, what’s most on your mind?”

If you were to ask me that, the answer would be simply, “Well, ladies of course.”

On Tuesday night I was going back and forth via text with a girl I used to date. The text conversation ended when she failed to respond to my last text, which deserved a response. 15 minutes after my last text I look at my phone and see that she “liked” a picture of mine on Instagram. I was dumbfounded why she didn’t respond to my text, yet had the gall to notify me that she “liked” my picture. It didn’t make sense to me that she would ignore a direct text and communicate with me via a social media platform. Basically she was letting me know that she was ignoring my text.

Later that night, amidst some work we were doing, Trevor asked a girl if she wanted to hang out later. She said, “yes.” He followed up with her hours later via text to see if she was still down to hang out. She didn’t respond. Minutes later she posted updates on Facebook and Instagram, completely ignoring him even though she knew they were friends and he would likely see those updates. Basically she was letting him know that she was ignoring his text.

In both our cases, these were not girls that we had recently met. They were both girls that we have history with. To say the least, we were pissed off. We ended up hitting a strip club, grabbing some beers, going for a run, contemplating why girls play mind games, and most importantly we developed our newest project: The Displeasure Vlog.

This is where all great ideas originate.

Just like Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker before us, our creativity was motivated by the displeasure women created in us.

In a totally related issue, The Discomfort Blog is something that has allowed me to showcase my ability to write. It has got me a lot of work. Trevor on the other hand hasn’t benefited as much from our joint venture, because his skill set is showcased by his talent with a camera.

Trevor and I agreed we needed to create a sister site for him to showcase his skill set, because even though my success equals his success, his success also equals my success, so why not double our potential outreach for success? That thought just so happened to coincide with our displeasure with the way our lady friends ignored our texts in favor of updating their social media presence. Thus, we created The Displeasure Vlog where we will comment on camera about common displeasures that occur in daily life. Generally speaking you will be able to relate to these common day displeasures whether you are the one committing the act or the one the act is happening to.

We decided to make our first vlog entry about our shared experience from Tuesday night. On Wednesday we met up bright and early at the crack of 2pm to search for a place to shoot. At first we thought of shooting in the cell phone department of a Best Buy store since our subject matter had to do with cell phone etiquette. A quick trip down Melrose Avenue quickly diverted that thought when we recognized the trippyness that presents itself (see picture below) on the artsy part of the blocks between Fairfax and La Brea.

I’d hit it.

For our background we settled on some mannequins leaned up against a wall in front of a clothing store. After one camera take the shop owner greeted us because he was clearly afraid that we were molesting his graphite ladies. He eventually watched all six of our takes and even loosened up with a few chuckles every now and again. After taking over Guitar Center in our last Discomfort Blog entry, an alley just off Melrose was a piece of cake.

“So, do you ladies come here often?”

While we were searching for a place to shoot I noticed a white car making some similar style rounds around the block. Perhaps the only reason I noticed the car was because of the cute ladies inside. When we returned to Trevor’s car, those girls were setting up a camera in an area we previously considered shooting in. Normally women approach and ask us what we were shooting, but this time we were intrigued by what some women were shooting. It felt discomforting to be on the other side for a change, but it immediately sparked thought in my head. I proposed to Trevor that we get the female perspective on our topic. Since Trevor wasn’t drunk and didn’t have his customary boldness that accompanies his non-sober state of mind, he made me approach them.

Christina was the girl with the camera, and her friend Chelsey was her model. They were preparing a photo shoot for their fashion blog. They were kind enough to help us out, and provided a great perspective on the topic. They actually both willingly admitted that they’ve been guilty of ignoring texts and posting on Facebook. One even admitted that she did it the previous night. Because of their willingness to help we then searched Melrose for other girls.

These girls couldn’t possibly be from LA, because they were far too nice.

Trevor saw my success with the girls so he tried his luck. He struck out with the first pair he approached, and the second pair, so I stepped in again and my success rate stayed at 100 percent when the next duo agreed to participate.

It’s not exactly the easiest thing to approach a random girl on Melrose and ask her to go on camera. I kind of felt sleezy approaching girls while Trevor held a camera, and that could be due to all the porn I’ve watched which starts with a search for random MILFs to take home. Or maybe I felt sleezy because I had to break through the wall that girls have naturally built up from being hit on all the time. Even if you’re not trying to hook up with them that wall still remains up and it’s nearly impossible to get their participation in anything.

A sturdy tripod is a necessity on any porn set.

Since we didn’t get maced by any shop owners or any ladies of Melrose we immediately shot another vlog entry for something else that bugs us. Continually check our sister vlog at www.DispleasureVlog.com for funny commentary about the pet peeves of daily life.

Here’s the first vlog entry which can be viewed at DispleasureVlog.com

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